Why timber is becoming the building material of choice for schools

Why timber is becoming the building material of choice for schools

by Gareth Barber CEO The Stable Company

The Stable Company are specialist designers, manufacturers and installers of bespoke timber buildings. Founded in 2002, The Stable Company have completed over 800 projects across a wide range of sectors, most prominently education, sports and leisure as well as equestrian.

The Stable Company utilise sustainably sourced materials to create totally unique timber buildings. The team help schools meet increasing place demand with stunning, yet cost-effective buildings that act as dynamic classroom blocks, outdoor learning environments, gyms and more. The Stable Company even offer a ‘Complete Care’ package to handle everything from planning and design to fit-out, should that be a requirement.

As schools search for a budget-friendly solution to growing demand for teaching space, timber is proliferating. This is no coincidence.

This article hopes to make sense of how and why timber buildings are becoming the go-to choice for an increasing number of schools.

Timber’s light on the wallet

Prudence with the purse-strings is a challenge presenting itself to almost all schools, particularly in the state sector. A timber classroom, more often than not, presents the most cost-effective choice.

As architects experience sporadic shortages for brick and block, a premium is placed on their price. Not only this, but 60% of respondents in a recent Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) survey stated that they have difficulty tying bricklayers down, placing another premium on associated costs. The same, as a rule, is not true for timber, whose ready and sustainable availability keeps costs down.

Timber can also continue to save money even after build completion: timber’s insular properties means it naturally keeps your building heated, saving money on energy costs. In addition, by ensuring a certain level of energy efficiency, timber’s environmental credentials make the buildings constructed using it a potential contender for funding. A specialist construction company familiar with the entire project process will be able to advise on these possibilities.

Timber buildings come to life quickly

In addition to their tendency to be budget-friendly, timber buildings also offer the benefit of a much shorter construction time scale – a crucial consideration. Timber buildings can be erected by a team of specialists within a matter of days or weeks rather than months, drastically minimising on-site disruption. When compared to brick or block construction, timber undoubtedly wins hands-down.

A timber classroom block for Marymount International School (pictured) was erected within only five weeks; ready to the serve the needs of pupils and staff. The turnaround for the entire project from seeking planning permission to the handover of keys was only six months.

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