Introducing Airtame

Introducing Airtame

The wireless HDMI device that allows users in businesses and schools to stream content from any laptop or mobile device to a TV/monitor using a Wi-Fi network

Danish specialist technology company, Airtame, today announce the UK availability of its HDMI streaming device for businesses and schools. Airtame is a small cable less HDMI device that plugs into the HDMI port of any screen or projector and streams content to the screen from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. When it is connected to a Wi-Fi network, everybody can connect to the Airtame using secure WPA2 Enterprise networks too.

Airtame has been developed with Businesses and Educational institutions in mind. No longer is it necessary to fumble around to find the right cable to switch from PC to Mac or from one presenter to another. With Airtame, presentations can be truly seamless. The device simply slots into the HDMI port of a television, monitor or projector and once connected to the Wi-Fi network, anyone who has downloaded the app will be able to present. All they have to do is select the name of the meeting room TV and they will be instantly presenting.

Full screen mirroring allows users to share work from both Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebook, even when on the go. With multiple Airtames, one display screen can be shared on many screens; perfect for large auditoriums.

Airtame’s wireless abilities are further enhanced by its digital signage feature, made possible through a built-in web browser. This feature enables KPI dashboards, slideshows, customisable wallboards or websites to run independently on screens in a building not standardly used for presenting. This means Airtame users can display a dashboard on any screen without hooking it up to a dedicated laptop or computer. For professionals who rely heavily on visual aids and presentations, the ability to run dashboards that provide a public URL free of a permanent PC is a major upgrade.

When using Airtame’s mobile app, only the important parts of the presentation are shown on the large screen. During streaming, the audience see the finished presentation whilst the person using the mobile device sees a presenter’s view with an overview of current and upcoming slides, resulting in a more polished and professional presentation.

Unlike other streaming devices on the market, Airtame offers vital support for professional environments through both WPA Personal and WPA2 Enterprise networks that require both username and passwords. The latter is often used in bigger companies, educational institutions, and hotels. Using a small adapter, the Airtame can even be hardwired into the company or school’s network for premium wireless streaming stability. Meanwhile still keeping the users completely free from cables in their devices and ready for seamless collaboration.

When compared to the likes of Chromecast, which is made for consumers and their living room, Airtame’s professional features make it a more suited, simpler, and streamlined solution.

Airtame wireless streaming


A favourite amongst IT Managers

Not only is Airtame a unique wireless presentation device suited for enterprise, it’s also an IT Manager’s best friend.

Airtame has built a Cloud platform for remote management of devices. Imagine having to walk into every room at a large campus to configure hundreds of devices one by one. It would take hours. Through Airtame Cloud, IT Managers can quickly check to see whether devices are online and diagnose what needs to be done, in case something is not working. This saves them a lot of time and effort.

Hult international Business School in London is already using Airtame with great success where each of the 24 huddle rooms on campus has a TV and an Airtame device to make group work run as smooth as possible. Since switching to a wireless solution, students are happy they can work easily and quickly together without any technical issues or expertise required.

Tom Campbell, Campus Technology Manager, Hult International Business School commented, “The students are my customers. If they are not happy they won’t recommend and refer people they know. We want to deliver the best possible experience to everyone who comes here. Every week, we would manually go around and check that the cables and adapters in the rooms were properly connected and working. With Airtame, we don’t have to do that anymore.”

Campbell continued, “Using Google Slides with Airtame has also reduced the time for me to get content on the screens. I let our other staff create the content they need in PowerPoint, which is what they are used to. From there I can easily upload them to the Google Slides show that is already running on the Airtame devices.”

Airtame’s customisable background now let’s Hult show a slideshow with upcoming events and exams on every screen when people are not streaming to them.

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