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Church Featured Articles

Digital world is here to stay!

Digital world is here to stay!

So, it has come to pass! The intellectual technology and video conferencing generations have come of age! This is predominantly noticeable in the education sector, now…

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In church finance

In church finance

The word ‘volunteer’ brings two different ideas to mind. One is someone who offers to fulfil a role rather than being forced into it. The second is someone who receives no money to carry out a task as opposed to someone who is paid for the work.

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Keeping our churches safe and secure

Keeping our churches safe and secure

Protecting the UK’s churches is no easy task. Every year, one in four will experience theft, vandalism or arson and whilst insurance policies will cover the financial cost of these crimes, items that are damaged or stolen, unique or of historic significance, are not so easy to replace.

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Care and repair of church floors

Care and repair of church floors

When people enter an old building, step onto a churchyard path or walk down a street in an ancient town their natural inclination is to look up – at a moulded plaster ceiling, at glorious stained glass windows or at panelled walls. We rarely look down.

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School Featured Articles

Areas of potential abuse cannot be ignored

Areas of potential abuse cannot be ignored

The widespread and increasing use of digital devices in schools, not simply to run the administration but as an integral element of the learning process, offers students of all ages an enhanced learning process. It also opens up areas of potential abuse which cannot be ignored.

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A Lesson in Handwashing

A Lesson in Handwashing

ENCOURAGING hand hygiene best practice in schools should be seen as a cornerstone of wellbeing policy, and can set children up to continue healthy habits later in their lives.

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I have been looking at your past magazines on the website to look for previous articles. Thank you for getting back to me. I have been on John Truscotts website and I have found the articles I was looking for (along with many others!). Thank you for replying so quickly and getting that sorted. Keep up the good work!

Administrator, Trafalgar Road Baptist Church

We recommend ‘Maintenance & Equipment News’ to all our parishes. It is an extremely informative and useful publication.

Duncan Green

Archdeacon of Northolt

Thanks for a very useful publication!

Mr P N Brooks

Church of the New Jerusalem

Thank you for the winner’s cheque. I appreciate this very much. I always enjoy tackling the crosswords as they are quite challenging and informative.

Clive Pearce

I just wanted to let you know how excellent your online publication is!

Drew Aitchison

Custodian of Bath Abbey

Yesterday I attended a day conference at Westminster Central Hall and at one of the breakout sessions a delegate from the north mentioned my articles re hymns and commended M&EN to the group – I introduced myself to him during a coffee break.

Reverend Eric Thorn

Free Church (Baptist) Minister and M&EN article contributor

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